• Alex Maxwell

Season 2, Chapter 15: The Believer Breakdown

When I say this may be one of my favorite scenes in all of Star Wars, that isn't hyperbole. The acting, the tension, the dialogue -- everything about this scene is what I hoped for when they announced Star Wars television shows.

Chapter 15: The Believer is an excellent episode that may not have huge action pieces or character reveals like that last few episodes, but what it does so well is make us remember who this show is all about: Din, The Mandalorian. Mayfeld serves as the perfect counter to Din throughout the episode, and causes Din to eventually make a HUGE personal choice in taking off his helmet to save Grogu.

Bill Bur should be nominated for an Emmy for his performance in this episode. His acting is raw and genuine, especially in the mess hall scene. I, for one, hope he is apart of the Rangers of the New Republic that was announced this past Thursday.

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