• Alex Maxwell

Season 2, Chapter 13: The JedI Breakdown and Voicemail Hotline

What an incredible chapter of The Mandalorian. For the first time ever, Ahsoka Tano has made her live action debut. This episode was so cinematic and introduced Anakin Skywalker's padawan to some people for the very first time. From the incredible cinematography to the amazing duel at the end of the episode, this episode of The Mandalorian reminded us why we love Star Wars.

Oh, and Grand Admiral Thrawn?! Come on.

Be sure to check out both our scene by scene breakdown of Chapter 13: The Jedi over on the podcast. Links:

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We also have our Voicemail Hotline episode of Chapter 13 available as well. Hear from other listeners what they think about the episode and hear us breakdown their amazing theories on what could come next!

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