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6 Crazy Predictions for Season 2

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The Mandalorian Season 2 photo from EW

Welcome to the very first article from The Mandalorian Watch. We are the number one podcast in the galaxy for all things Mandalorian, but we have decided to spread our wings and venture out into the world wide web.

Now, let’s get to business. These aren’t spoilers. These are simply crazy predictions that could or could not come true in season 2. If you are a fan of the podcast, you know that Mac and I like to speculate. So, let’s speculate.

Here are 6 Crazy Predications for Season 2!

1. The Mandalorian will fight Clone Wars Era Battle Droids

Ever since we saw the scene of the B2 Battle Droids laying waste to poor Din’s home and people, I have had the sneaking suspicion that we haven’t seen the last of the prequel era battle droids in the show. Whether we see more flashbacks of a young Din being rescued by Death Watch or we see an older, adult Din fighting reactivated battle droids – our first crazy prediction for Season 2 is that we see Din fighting battle droids.

2. Cara Dune will receive a personal enemy

I think it’s safe to say that Cara Dune has cemented herself as a beloved Star Wars supporting character. That’s why I think we will see the rise of a personal side-villain for her. Much like Han Solo has Jabba/Boba and Finn has Phasma, I think a nemesis for Cara will make themselves known in Season 2. My bet would be on a particularly cruel Imperial Officer working under Moff Gideon. Maybe somebody that Cara has had run-ins with before in her rebel days. It would be a great opportunity for some further development of Cara’s character, as well as a great addition to the overall tension of Season 2.

3. The High Republic will be mentioned

Lucasfilm has went all out on the new publishing efforts for Star Wars. In the upcoming “High Republic” series, we are going about two hundred years back before the Star Wars saga begins to see what the height of the Jedi and the Republic actually looked like. From new and interesting villains like the “Nihl” to space stations like “Starlight Beacon”, don’t be surprised if Season 2 of The Mandalorian mentions something from the High Republic era in passing. Is it likely? Probably not, but this is why we titled it “crazy” predictions.

4. A new Mandalorian artifact will be introduced

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the black blade of the Darksaber burst out of that TIE at the end of Season 1. So far in the press cycle, Giancarlo Esposito has not been able to refrain from bringing up the legendary Mandalorian lightsaber in any interview he’s given, so I think it’s safe to say we will be getting a lot of it in Season 2. I think it is entirely possible that we will see our hero acquire another item of great cultural and historical value in order to come prepared to an encounter with Moff Gideon. I’m thinking things along the lines of the Mask of Mandalore which featured heavily in the Expanded Universe.

5. We will meet Bo-Katan in captivity of some sort

It is still technically speculation that we will get a live action interpretation of Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian Season 2, but some very credible sources are reporting just that. I think the perfect way to introduce the character in the show would be for our hero Din to be captured by Moff Gideon or another nefarious force. Then, after being put into a cell or other containment facility, that’s when he would meet the legendary Mandalore of old: Bo-Katan. Din would most likely have his armor and helmet taken from him in this scenario, so there would be a fantastic opportunity for conversations between Bo and Din about their respective versions of the Mandalorian Way. This would be the perfect path to clarify about the relationship between the Mandalorians we see in Clone Wars and Rebels and the members of the Covert that we met in Season 1, as well as explain why Mandalorians are not a more prominent influence during the time of the Original Trilogy. Questions answered, old friends seen again, This is the Way.

6. Moff Gideon will use the Force

This one actually doesn’t seem that crazy the more actor Giancarlo Esposito talks about his sinister character, Moff Gideon. In numerous articles and interviews, Mr. Esposito seems to hint at a big clash with the Mandalorian that Moff Gideon is very skilled at using the Darksaber. We still do not know anything about the mysterious Moff Gideon. Is he a former Inquisitor? Perhaps he is actually a former Mandalorian himself? I suspect that we will come to find out much more about Gideon as Season 2 progresses.

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